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Why go smokefree?
The problem: Bartenders, waiters, musicians, chefs, housekeeping staff and many other workers in the city of Hoover, continue to suffer from the health consequences of exposure to secondhand smoke.
Fact: Secondhand smoke does not discriminate.
Facts: There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke.
The solution: Equal smokefree protections for ALL workers.

Featured Story

Miami Café Express

“My husband had a dream of opening up his own restaurant. On April 2011, we opened up the doors to the Miami Cafe Express, featuring authentic Caribbean food.  More than growing a business, we are building relationships; people that walk in, are not just customers, they become friends and family; therefore, providing a safe and healthy environment is very important to us.”

“We don’t smoke and enjoy working in a smokefree facility. Unfortunately, people do smoke outside and as the door swings open, the smoke makes its way in. Even though we don’t smoke, we are exposed to secondhand smoke every day.  Secondhand smoke is bad for my health and the health of my customers. Greater distance requirements would protect me, my husband and the rest of our growing family.”

Samantha Delgado – Restaurant Owner

About Hoover

Hoover Library Sign 02Has a population of 81,619

Named after William H. Hoover, a local insurance company owner

Hoover is served by Hoover City Schools

Mayor: Gary Ivey

City Council: Trey D. Lott, Gene Smith, John Lyda, John T. Natter, Jack Wright, John Greene, Brian Skelton


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